Substance Use Assessments    (ASAM Criteria Assessments for Substance Use)

When a person has experienced an issue with substance abuse or any other addictive quality they may find themselves searching for answers. The first step is recognizing there may be a problem, then seeking a professional "assessment" to look into solutions for that issue. At CADC Services we utilize the latest technology and tools to create an accurate and comprehensive assessment following the "ASAM Criteria" (American Society of Addiction Medicine) for Substance Use Disorder. The ASAM Criteria applies the newest science in the field of addiction medicine, is compliant with the DSM-5 and incorporates a multi-dimensional functionality to the assessment process.

This will allow for recognizing and identifying how deep the issue may be and placing the person seeking help into the appropriate level of care for a Substance Use Disorder "SUD"  (ie: Education, Outpatient "OPT", Intensive Outpatient "IOP", or Residential Treatment - Substance Use Treatment)​​

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SAP Assessments / Evaluations

The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation --
49 CFR - Part 40 -- defines the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) as a person who evaluates  employees who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol regulation and makes  recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and  aftercare. In order to be a SAP, you need to have certain credentials, possess specific knowledge, receive training, and achieve a passing score on an examination. There is also a continuing education requirement.

are there investments that an employer can make, that have a greater impact and value, than a drug free workplace. Employers know that their "roll" is directly related to employee safety and dependability. Without a drug free workplace, employee performance cannot be predicted and associated expenses cannot be controlled. When substance abuse is present in the workplace, it's accompanied with absenteeism, accidents, low morale, high workers comp costs, rising medical costs, theft and violence (to name a few).

​The SAP is not an advocate for the employer or the employee. The SAP's primary and ONLY function is to protect the public interest of safety by professionally performing specific DOT mandated "Return to Duty" functions.

“CADC Services” offers evaluations and case management services by a SAP certified clinician for workers that have violated a DOT drug and/or alcohol regulation that meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation (
49 CFR - Part 40). Please call our office for more information or to schedule an appointment. 
DUI arrests from outside of California frequently require a comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment administered by a certified counselor. For some US States, this assessment must be conducted prior to enrolling in a program. The assessment is used to determine the level of program services required to clear your driving record in that State.

“CADC Services” provides this service using nationally recognized assessment methods and the
ASAM Criteria for Substance Use. Assessments are also provided for any individual privately requesting this service for court, employment or any other drug or alcohol legal charges. Upon completion of the assessment process referrals will be given to the client for DUI Programs and/or Agency's, based on the nearest location. (Urine Drug Screenings are also available to meet some out of state requirements)

Call us to schedule an assessment.
(please allow approximately 1½ hours for the intake appointment) Please bring all documents, correspondence, and any other legal paperwork you have from the state where you received your DUI. You will also need to bring current legal
identification (State issued ID, Passport, etc.)

**The California DMV H-6 printout is helpful and
can be obtained from any California State DMV office.
(Not Mandatory for Out-of-State Intake) Please call for additional information at: 650.669.1578

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